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Fluoro Yellow Cambridge Satchel Bag – SHRN (so hot right now)

I know it’s wrong to declare love for an inanimate object. A thing. Something with no soul that cannot return the emotion. But…if my new bag had a pulse, we would be having a torrid and passionate love affair right now.

I have been lusting after the Cambridge Satchel for about 3 months (since New York, to be precise) and it only reappeared on Shopbop last week. Not just any satchel though – it had to be the fluorescent yellow. I’m having a bit of a fluoro yellow moment (nails, jewellery, pants, looking for shoes) and this bag is the ultimate neon as far as I’m concerned. As I discovered on its first outing, I can wear pretty much anything and it won’t matter because the bag pulls all the focus. Jeans and tee? All about the bag. LBD? Bag. Potato sack? Bag bag bag. Not that I trot out the old sack too often these days (mind out of the gutter please).

I know it’s a trend piece and I won’t be toting it in 12 months, but I’m ok with that. It was only $155, and next time neon is back in fashion, I’ll be ready. In the meantime I don’t need to worry about buying any new clothes for summer because no one will be able to see them over the glare of my neon yellow anyway.

Cambridge Satchel Company Fluoro Satchel – $155(ish) on Shopbop

Fluoro yellow Cambridge Satchel bag

Fluoro yellow Cambridge Satchel bag

The Cambridge Satchel Company - fluoro yellow


Wednesday, Sportsgirl, Target, and good friends

Yesterday I had lunch with my wonderful friend Emma. Em is one of those people that you can’t help but fall in love with. No matter what else is going on in your life – dead dog, car crash, apocalypse – you walk away from spending time with her feeling more positive and inspired than you ever have. Everyone needs an Emma in their life.

We ordered the cheap and cheerful lunch special at a random Japanese place on York St, and tetris-ed ourselves into one of the many, many tables jammed into this little underground eatery. Does anyone else feel awkward when they squish between two tables to sit down, like your ass is brushing up against your neighbours lunch? Note to self: more exercise, less Cadbury Marvellous Creations.

After loads of talking and too much teriyaki, I headed off to Sportsgirl to grab a dress for a wedding I’m going to tomorrow. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute. They were literally hanging the new season stock out as I walked in – pastels, neons, and brights as far as the eye could see. You know what’s healthy? My love of neons. (You know what’s not healthy? My love of whole egg aioli slapped on toast. Hello, thunder thighs.)

I snapped up a brightly coloured shift dress ($89.95) with matching necklace ($29.95) for the wedding, but I also walked away with a pair of pyjama-like pants with a fluoro yellow print ($89.95). Who needs pyjama-like pants with a fluoro yellow print? Apparently I do. Like I said, my love for neon knows no bounds.

One last pit stop on my busy Wednesday – the Target spring/summer product showing. I’m all for Target and K-Mart for basics – singlets, plain tees, Bonds undies, trackies. I didn’t expect to be blown away by coloured denim, pleated skirts, neon and pastels. The beautiful patterned blouses I saw are easily on par with a lot of the high street stores, but for half the price. I can’t stop thinking about one blouse in particular, which is obviously a sign I need it in my life.

Sportsgirl printed shift dress and Sportsgirl necklace

Hello, wedding outfit

Sportsgirl citrus necklace

Pretty psyched about this necklace

Sportsgirl neon printed pants

Wearing these new fancypants out to lunch today


Target summer clutch

Missoni? No, Target. Snapped this cute clutch at the product showing. Adding to my shopping list.


Yay! New Sabo Skirt clothes!

I just realised I have pictures of the two new items I bought from Sabo Skirt, so I can do a quick post. Yay!

I jumped on Sabo Skirt a few weeks back after seeing a fluorescent skirt on pinterest (clearly I have a neon thing right now). And jumping on their site again just now, it isn’t listed so it must be sold out. Bummer. But this is the skirt (as seen on another listing) and this is the blouse I bought. The blouse is cropped and totally sheer, but I don’t ever plan on wearing it unless it’s under a jumper. I’m not 15 anymore.

Anyway, the skirt is so much fun. It’s so insanely bright that it was glowing under the black light at the party I went to on Tuesday, and it was only $48 so a nice cheap way to buy a trend piece that I’ll get over by next season.

Sabo Skirt fluoro skirt

At the Covergirl Ricki Lee party with Helen from Sassybella.com and Jaime from misschew.com

The blouse, as I mentioned, was purely for the collar. At $42 it was another cheap buy and perfect for going under the plethora of jumpers I brought back from New York. Pictured below with a chartreuse linen jumper I got at Uniqlo for $20. Clearly all about the bargains. Sorry for the terrible pic – I realised after I tweeted it that my mirror was dusty.

sabo skirt studded collar

Saturday night selfie before heading out for dinner

My order total was $90, plus $10 for shipping. $100 isn’t bad for two fun trend pieces. Sabo Skirt has some great stuff, you should check it out!