iPhone cases for clumsy people

Phone cases for clumsy people snugg case

My name is Elise and I’m a klutz. Like, a full on drops-things, breaks-things, spills-things-all-over-myself klutz. I cannot wear white…ever. And if I have a case on my phone, it’s almost guaranteed that I will drop it and crack it within 2 weeks of getting it. Always. Without fail.

When one of the guys from Snugg sent me their Ultra Thin phone case and said ‘our cases are unbeatable’ I kind of laughed. If anyone was going to prove them wrong, it was old butterfingers here. But here’s the thing…it took me almost four months to crack it. That’s like, a billion years for non-klutzy people. Okay, maybe like two years for regular people. Point is, for the amount I drop my phone, it took four whole months before it cracked, and even then it was only the small part above the camera lens, which is usually the weakest part of a case.

I really like my Snugg case. It’s plastic, but covered in this kind of rubbery coating. After a couple of months the coating has started to rub away around the edges, but considering how much I use my phone that’s not a surprise.  Oh yeah, and the Snugg case is really light (0.028 lbs to be exact), so no extra weight is added to the phone. My last few phone cases have been heavy plastic around the edge with a plastic covered metal plate on the back, and not only have they all cracked quickly, but the cracks are always sharp and pointy and scratchy, which is not cool. Stupid me kept buying the same kind of case from etsy over and over because I wanted to get stuff custom printed on it. Sidenote, the case with the metal plate in the back was killing my battery – it amplified the effects of heat and cold, causing my phone to die in the summer heat and winter freezes of NYC.

Phone cases for clumsy people sticky9 case

Speaking of custom cases, I got a custom case from Sticky9 and they are made of pretty similar plastic to my beloved Snugg case, just without the rubber coating. I’m now putting my Sticky9 case through its paces, but sadly it has also cracked just above the camera. When someone figures out how to reinforce that area, let me know. Anyway, Sticky9 (used to be Stickygram) takes your Instagram snaps and puts them on stuff like phone cases and magnets – I have been working on a partnership with them because I have a brand that is hugely popular on Instagram. If you’re into Irish dancing, check us out – @paradeofchampions. What do you mean, you’re not into Irish dancing?

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