Life hack: How to fix a shirt that has been ruined by the dryer

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me lamenting recently that I ruined not one but THREE t-shirts in the dryer. All three were accidents – we have a laundry room in our building so when I do laundry I do a tonne of it at once to save myself time and effort (walking up and down the stairs is a pain, doncha know). Obviously I wasn’t paying a lot of attention (duh) because I had set the shirts aside for hand washing and they ended up in the bag with everything else. I was particularly pissed when I realised my brand-new, worn-once 100% linen tee from Madewell had gone through spinner. Ouch.

Thankfully, I found a life hack that means all those ruined 100% cotton and 100% linen shirts aren’t set for the rag bag. Watch and learn, friends. And next time, pay a little more attention when you’re sorting the laundry (that one is directed at me).

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