Starting from scratch: the living room

Something about moving that has been both fun and intimidating is decorating an apartment. We barely brought anything with us, save for my favourite cushion cover and three prints that we ironically bought from a street vendor here in New York earlier last year, so we essentially started from scratch. That meant we could do what we wanted with colour schemes, furniture, layout, art – but the thing with moving countries and starting over is it is bloody expensive.

Yes, every piece of furniture in our apartment is from Ikea. But I’m totally okay with that because I love our apartment. Our teeny tiny apartment. Our apartment that is less than half the size of our apartment back home. Did I mention it’s small?

Because of the (lack of) size, I purposely picked furniture that was light in colour and low-lying to give the illusion of space and height. The low bed frame. The short and wide dresser, rather than the tall one. The couch, ottoman, and coffee table all at the same height. And speaking of the couch – holy hells bells did we buy the most comfortable couch ever. Back home we had this stupid cream leather couch that we spent way too much money on, the cushions never stayed on properly, and I swear it got dirty just from looking at it. It’s on the top 5 regrettable purchases list. Our new couch is a Karlstad and it’s so crazy comfy that I never want to get out of it – an occupational hazard as a freelancer. Plus, I love the grey-blue colour.

Ikea Karlstad couch and ottoman, Lack side table Ikea Karlstad couch and ottoman, Lack side table

Ikea Karlstad couch and ottoman, Lack side table

I was going for a textured thing in the lounge area with the couch, rug, throw, and cushions. It’s so cozy and inviting.

Couch and ottoman: Karlstad
Coffee table/side table on wheels: Lack
Rug: Alhede

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  1. Emma

    February 6, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    It looks lovely! So sunny and bright and clean looking.

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