What? Minus 12 degrees?! And I need sunscreen and sunnies?!

When I woke up this morning I did what I do most other days – I grabbed my iPhone and checked the weather (and email, and Twitter, and Instagram and Facebook). To my surprise, my weather app told me it was -12 degrees. I assumed I was still asleep, rolled over, then rolled back to phone to try again. Yep, still -12 degrees. Here’s the thing though, the sun was streaming in through the blinds. It was another bright and sunny day in New York City, and from the safety of my apartment I could be excused for thinking it was a normal temperature outside, and not the evil, soul sucking, well below freezing that was enveloping the city.

When it is this cold, you can only go outside for a few minutes. I had to run to the store yesterday to grab something, and it was -9. I had two pairs of long johns on, ski socks, jeans, and snow boots. It was also so sunny and glary that I had to wear my sunnies (which were hurting my face – the plastic got so cold it left red marks on my nose). That’s the thing with this annoying weather – much like going to the snow and getting sunburned because the sun reflects off the snow, the dry air means the sun is actually quite strong when it is glary like this. This means that even though it’s freaking freezing outside, and I’m wearing enough layers that I kind of bear more than a passing resemblance to the Michelin Man, that I still have to slap on a strong SPF. I know I know….I’m supposed to wear SPF every day anyway, but come on! Now I just have to brace for the snow later in the week.

Look at that sunshine! Rocking the Olay Complete Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and House of Harlow Chantal Bloom sunnies

Look at that sunshine! Rocking the Olay Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and House of Harlow Chantal Bloom sunnies

Disclosure: The SPF was kindly sent to me by Olay – love you guys! Thanks for keeping me from getting burnt.

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