Just the essentials…

I was on my way home today when I decided to pop into Sephora to pick up a couple of essentials. Essentials, I swear! Hand cream because my hands are bullshit dry from this crazy weather and wearing gloves, and some sort of hair conditioner/treatment because this weather, plus wearing a scarf/hat/big jacket are drying my poor tresses out no end. Two simple items. I avoided the nail polish section, and I restrained myself on the Ciate Sequin manicure kit too – I had to keep reminding myself how my last Ciate experience turned out.

Anyway, the girl behind the counter scanned my items, scanned my Beauty Insider card, and then started applauding and squealing. Que? Unbeknownst to me I had been upgraded to VIB status (that’s Very Important Beauty Insider – means I spent too much in the past year), and I got a 20% discount today because of some special offer, and a free tote bag. Awesome. I purposely unsubscribed from the Sephora email list so I didn’t find out about these special discount events, but I kind of feel like this is the beginning of the end.

I resubscribed.

NOT a haul - only two products (technically)

See! Two items. The three hand creams were in a box set so it counts as one, swear.

Philosophy Snow Village Christmas hand cream set

These three smell like spiced pumpkin, fresh spruce, and candy canes. I want to eat them. (perhaps I should buy the matching lip gloss)

Philosophy Snow Village hand cream set $20

Carol's Daughter moisturising leave in conditioner

This smells like coconut and amazing. Or perhaps, coconut and black vanilla.

Carol’s Daughter Leave-in Conditioning spray – $18

Disclosure: Purchased with my own clams. And PS my clams are going a long way over here, thank you excellent exchange rate!

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