An ode to my ghd Air

Oh, ghd Air. When you first turned up on my door step I didn’t want to like you. Admittedly, it seems an odd thing to say now, but when you first entered my life I was in a steady and committed relationship with my Parlux. I was passionately dedicated to old greeny, considering I had spent a hefty chunk of cash on her, and in my mind nothing could ever measure up.

I relented, in the name of research, and opened the box. Then I took you out of the box. Then I plugged you in. I thought ‘I’ll just try it for a week to see if it’s as good as they say, then I’ll switch back to my Parlux’. That was 10 months ago. My poor old Parlux was retired by default as I instantly fell in love. You’re light. You’re comfortable to hold. You smooth my flyaways. You add volume. You’re just damn bloody fantastic, and I’m going to miss you terribly. That’s right – I’m not taking you with me to New York (or my Parlux, or my ghd for that matter…boo). That whole different voltage thing is a bit of a bitch – I know that plugging you in with an adaptor is the quickest way to blow you up, and possibly start a small fire in the process. No thanks. So I’m going to send you to a farm upstate to stay with Grandma for a little while. But never fear, I plan to rescue you back as soon as I get home again. In the meantime, bon voyage. Safe travels. Be good to your Nana. I’m going to miss you, my perfect blowdrying companion.

The small printy stuff: ghd Air is $199 worth of awesome blow-drying goodness. I highly recommend you try it. I was lucky enough to be given mine by ghd to trial, but all opinions are my own (as always…)

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  1. Jade Hunter

    October 30, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Thanks for the tip! I love hearing about new beauty products etc! I’ll have to give the new GHD a try- I have their travel hair dryer and don’t find it as effective. reading your post has made me decide to give the brands dryers another try!

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