Getting lucky – Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub

I have been on some weird lucky streak lately (which I have no doubt completely jinxed by writing that sentence). I won a hamper of goodies from L’Oreal a few weeks back, a bottle of wine in a business card draw, a 10-pass of classes at my pilates studio, and a huge box of Garnier products from a competition over at Woogsworld (if you don’t read Woogsworld, you are missing out – Mrs Woog is hilarious).

The Garnier prize pack was epic – there were, like, 20 products loaded in there. I actually use a lot of Garnier products already – two different types of their fake tan, shampoo, toner, pimple treatment – so when the kids at Garnier asked me about my hair and skin so they could customise the pack, I was like SEND ALL THE THINGS. I didn’t have any special requests except for one thing – Bodytonic Sugar Scrub.

This body scrub is delicious. It’s a cheapie – only $11.95 – but it does the job. Think fruit enzymes and sugar to slough away the bad stuff, as well as caffeine and glycerol to firm skin. It smells all zingy and fresh because of the green apple, and I find it particularly effective at getting off rogue spray tan – those little sugary chunks are great around the ankles and knees. Shout out to Woogsworld and Garnier for the goodies – my spray tan free, smooth skin thanks you.



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  1. Sher

    September 5, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Wooo I might try this! I’ve been neglecting my flakey tanned body at the moment!

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