Nail art pens that you can actually use!


Remember those nail art pens I mentioned a week ago? So obsessed.

I love nail art, particularly patterns with dots (just call me Roy Lichtenstein), but I am yet to find a fine point brush that is actually precise enough to do consistent dots. Most brushes splay too quickly, and you need to get the same amount of polish on the brush every time or shit ends up all wonky.

These nail art pens have an incredibly fine tip on them (no brush), so you can get a very small and precise dot. Unless you have a really steady hand they aren’t great for doing lines, but they are perfect for patterns. PLUS the set contains five fab colours – green, pink, blue, yellow, and orange, which are all ideal for spring/summer since every magazine, blog and store catalogue is screaming at us that it’s ALL ABOUT BRIGHTS, and the media never lies.

If you’re a newbie to nail art, or have an unsteady hand, give these a go. The set of five is $19.95 and will be available November 12th at Mecca Maxima and at




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