How to: deal with a breakout when you’re sick

I have been sick the last few weeks. Whingy, mopey, whiny, sick sick sick. One of the delicious by-products of this affliction is the epic congestion I have experienced, which includes my skin. Suddenly, I’m breaking out like a hormonal 15 year old.

Seriously. Pimples on my forehead. Around my nose. After snotting like a beast for the last two weeks, this is the icing on the flu-cake. F* you, winter.

Times like this I feel really blessed that I can shoot my beauty therapist Mel an email and be all ‘waahhhh help me!’ and she patiently responds. She recommended a lactic acid based product for my breakout (or any breakout), specifically the Priori Skin Renewal Cream. Having recently spent $120 on another Priori product (yes, really) I couldn’t open the wallet again, but she also recommended I could try jojoba oil because it is a gentle anti bacterial for the skin. Score! There was a bottle of jojoba oil from The Jojoba Company ($19.95 for 30ml or $29.95 for 85ml) tucked away in my box of ‘products I know are great but I need to trial them properly to form an opinion’ .


After using a little bit of jojoba oil morning and night, my skin seems to be clearing up nicely. Added bonus: it is helping my super dry eyes as well.

Something else Mel and I discussed last time I went in for a facial was lymphatic drainage massage for the face, where you massage the toxins out of your face using specific pressure and strokes in certain directions. I googled it, and have been massaging my face morning and night when I cleanse and apply the oil. Perhaps it’s my imagination, but the dark circles under my eyes seem to be less noticeable since I have been doing this. Gosh I hope I’m not imagining it! I have tried so many magical dark circle creams over the years and nothing has worked. Is this the secret trick? Time will tell.

PS – that Priori product I spent $120 on? I wrote a big old blog post about it a few days ago and then my mac crashed and I lost it all. Stuff it. Not rewriting it. Will just film a video instead once I’m better.

Disclosure – the jojoba oil was sent to me ages ago to try. So glad I had it on hand for this pizza-faced emergency.

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