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That is the sound of me plonking myself at my desk and unbuttoning my jeans as I write this blog post. I had brunch with a friend this morning at a new cafe near my house called Cowbell 808. It hurts to even type this, but I ate Ricotta Hotcakes with Bacon Ice Cream and Espresso Syrup.

Ricotta. Hotcakes. with. Bacon. Ice. Cream. and. Espresso. Syrup.

I’m normally so safe when I go out for brunch. Eggs. Salmon. Muesli. Today I thought ‘to hell with you thighs, you too lovehandles – Imma eat what I want’. And I did. And then I practically had to be rolled home. But dammit, it was gooooood.

Ricotta Hotcakes Bacon Icecream Espresso Syrup Cowbell 808

It should be noted that I didn’t finish it. I ate about half and was ready to explode (although I did polish off all of the ice cream, naturally)

If you’re looking to completely obliterate your diet and eat a weeks worth of calories in one sitting, I highly recommend this dish. Cowbell 808 – 616 Bourke St Surry Hills. From memory it was $15? Lauren will do a full post over on her blog soon, so I’ll link to that when she does. (edit: Lauren’s review of Cowbell 808 is up)

All credit to Lauren from Corridor Kitchen for the picture. I was too busy eating to think about posing!

Now excuse me, I need to go for a walk (for about 17 hours)
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  1. Megan Aney

    August 20, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    I walk past it on my way to work. So glad you tested it first. haha! Going to try Wednesday breakfast. C’mon love handles!

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