Indulgence: I bought a silk pillowcase

I bought a silk pillow case.

Yes, I do realise how completely self-absorbed and indulgent that sounds. I have been wanting to make this purchase for about a year and I finally found the one I wanted at a decent price. (Decent? It’s all relative)

So…step backwards…why a silk pillowcase? Because the slip of the fabric helps prevent knots and tangles in your hair while you sleep, and also stops creases forming on your face. And I’m kind of at the stage where I’m going to try anything and everything to help prevent creases on my face!

I had been eyeing off the Slip silk pillowcase ever since someone mentioned it on Twitter (I can’t recall who now, but if it comes to me I’ll give them a shout out), and had seen it on a few different sites for $65. Who can justify $65 for a silk pillowcase though? I felt guilty even bringing it up to the darling husband, what with weddings and honeymoons to save and then pay for. But it sat in the back of my mind for many months, and when I randomly clicked onto the Peter’s of Kensington site the other day (I often randomly click onto different sites and suddenly it’s 3 hours later and I have been sucked into an online shopping vortex) and there it was! The one I wanted, in the colour I wanted, and only $49! Sure, you add $5 shipping, but that’s still $54 compared to $65+shipping elsewhere. Click. Add to cart. Mama has been sleeping soundly ever since!

PS – I bought Mocha, but it also comes in Ice, Caramel, Charcoal and Dusty Pink.

PS – I ordered late at night last Tuesday and it was under my head by Thursday.

Slip Silk Pillowcase in Mocha

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