Try! Score! Other sporting word! It’s Allen’s State of Origin Lollies!

Allen's State of Origin limited edition lollies

Let’s be honest, I don’t give a rats arse about the State of Origin. Or any kind of NRL for that matter. Nay, any sort of football, full stop.

What I can get behind though is the new little State of Origin Allen’s lollies I came across in Coles yesterday. They were $2 a bag and apparently exclusive to Coles. The little jellies are rugby jersey shaped and either maroon or blue – something to do with some sort of interstate sporting competition? Whatevs. They tasted really yum – raspberry and blackberry. Now this is sport I can get behind.

Allen’s Limited Edition Mad About Maroon & Blues lollies – $2 from Coles –¬†You don’t need to understand or even like football to appreciate these bad boys!

Disclosure: purchased and consumed by me. Consumed a little too quickly, if we’re being honest.

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