New York eats, and other such exciting holiday adventures

Taken at the Museum of Natural History

Taken at the Museum of Natural History

This blog post is coming to you live from New York City. Well…not live. The time difference is kind of whacked out and whatnot. There’s jetlag and then there’s *jetlag*, and we have been dealing with some serious JL over here my friends! Maybe that’s why this city never sleeps – everyone is perpetually jetlagged.

Sidenote: Whenever I hear or say ‘live from New York’, I get the opening bars of the Letterman theme stuck in my head. And there we go again.

So far, New York is amazing. We have been eating ourselves into food comas pretty much every day and I’m probably going to come back about 10kg heavier. We started our food journey at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park where they do the most amazing burgers and shakes you will ever eat. They also do Frozen Custard, which is kind of a soft serve and ice cream hybrid (Australian Good Food mag, take note – I want a quick and easy recipe for this please).

We have also been to Serendipity 3 for Frrrozen Hot Chocolate (basically an iced chocolate, save yourself the trip), hit up The Plaza Food Hall for lunch, enjoyed an Italian feast at Asellina, waited patiently in the (very long) queue for Stumptown at the Ace Hotel so husband can have proper coffee, and have gorged on bagels every morning (Ess-A-Bagel was a highlight for the ambience and traditional-ness; hubby got lox, eggs and onions on his…he definitely needed a breath mint after that). Essentially, if it has been recommended by friends or appeared on a food magazines ‘must do’ list, it’s on ours. We’re here for long enough that we need plenty of options!

Apart from eating, we have been doing touristy stuff like strolling through Central Park and getting lost in the Museum of Natural History (I nerded out at the dinosaur exhibit). We saw The Shins play at Terminal 5 (wicked venue) and…highlight…we went to a live taping of The Daily Show. I love Jon Stewart so much! His guest for the episode (Monday April 30) was Zach Wahls, who you may remember as the handsome young man who spoke before the Iowa Legislature last year about being raised by his two gay moms. This kid is so smart and articulate, and seems like such a great guy. Anyway, he just wrote a book called My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family. So I’m sure whatever you got your mum for Mother’s Day is great and all, but this dude is putting the rest of us to shame. If you work really hard for the next few days you can probably write her a short story or something, but a whole book might be a bit of a stretch for Mother’s Day 2012. Sorry Mum, I promise I’ll write you a book next year!

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