Yay! Styletread winners!

We’re all winners (that what Mum always said) but some people are bigger winners than others (Mum also said that). Today I’m happy to announce there are five bigger winners who have just walked away with $100 vouchers (walked away…shoes…geddit? nevermind)

Congrats to:

  • Julie
  • Corinne
  • Megan
  • Stef
  • Ling

You guys rocked it! Good luck picking shoes. On a totally related note, I bought my Alias Mae Rogue slipper-shoes today, paid $7.95 for 3 hour shipping and had them on my feet less than 3 hours later. Bloody impressive, styletread!

alias mae rogue shoes

Bonus bit: For anyone who didn’t win a voucher, you don’t go away empty handed. If you spend $69.95 on, you can get $15 off by using the code: STYLE262925.┬áThis $15 voucher is valid until 31st May 2012 midnight and it just subtracts from your total at the checkout – simply pop it in and click “Apply Coupon”. See?! We’re all winners again…I just wish I had remembered about this discount code before I ordered my shoes 8 hours ago…

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