Mother’s Day? What Mother’s Day?


I love my Mother dearly, but Mother’s Day is usually a bit of a non-issue round our joint. Pretty much every Mother’s Day for the last 5 years my Mum has been on vacation somewhere exotic: Paris, Hawaii, St Petersburg, Hawaii, Italy, Hawaii. You get the gist. The extent of our Mother’s Day celebration is me giving Dad a card to tuck into his luggage, and some sort of broken up phone call where Mum and Dad share the phone and excitedly tell me what they have been up to while I strain my ears trying to make out every second word through dodgy reception. It’s a real Hallmark moment.

This year the tables have turned and for once I’m the one who is going to be away on MD. Actually, Mum and Dad will be away too (my poor sister) but what’s important is that I’m away. For three glorious weeks my life will be straight out of the pages of Shop Til You Drop, Gourmet Traveller and Belle Magazine. Have I mentioned this already? I have? Oh right, carry on then.

Anyway, I figure I should retain my crown as number one daughter and leave a gift, or at least a card, in my wake. I’m already leaving a birthday present behind for my sister (I could probably tell you what it is since she never reads here anyway, but I won’t just in case) so an extra gift won’t hurt. It’s all bonus points on the Favourite Child Ranking Table. Thinking a mag subscription – I gifted her a Harper’s BAZAAR sub for Christmas (used to be Madison, but she didn’t want that renewed – wanted HB instead) and now I’m thinking one of the house magazines like Real Living, since I refuse to share my own Real Living with her (it’s definitely a keep-on-the-shelf magazine). At least ordering a sub online means I don’t have to step foot in a shopping centre because I’m on a self-imposed pre-trip shopping ban. OR I might just leave a card. And call from New York to tell them what I’m doing. So mean.

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PS – the picture above is my Mum opening a gift I got her. She looks happy. I give good presents.

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