#manicuremonday Melted Molten Metal Mani

Another Monday, another Manicure Monday. Sorry, #manicuremonday *get it right Elise*

I was digging through my nail polish collection looking for something with a bit of shimmer when I came across two really beautiful molten metallic polishes. Both of them are old favourites and I thought they would look beautiful together but I didn’t want to do tips because I felt that with their liquid finish, the harsh line of a tip would look quite jarring. So I free-hand painted each nail 3/4 with the bronze and the top 1/4 with the gold and then used the tip of a bobby pin to mix and blend the two. This made it look like the colours melted into each other and reminded me a little bit of flames.

What do you think?

Melted Molten Metallic Mani

Face of Australia Molten Metallics – Bronze – $4.95
ORLY – Luxe – $18.95
Note: I think both of these colours are discontinued, but this look would work with any similar metallics

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