How to video: Sponge manicure – to create a gorgeous ombre or molten effect

If you follow me on twitterfacebookinstagram or pinterest, you would have seen me gushing about sponge manicures. It’s an awesome nail art effect you get from sponging polish on over another colour. SO EASY.

Some of my fav colour combinations are dark blue over light bluebronze metal over black and, as seen in the video, silver over teal. Gold over teal is also awesome, just FYI.

1 – Prep your nails with base coat

2 – Do one or two coats of your base colour

3 – Drop a couple of drops of your top colour onto a piece of paper

4 – Dab the corner of the sponge into the top colour and gently press it onto the nail

5 – If you want a graduated effect like the blue on blue example above, do an extra coat at the tips

6 – Seal with a top coat

7 – Admire your handiwork

Sponge mani - silver over teal and black

Sponge mani - silver over teal and black

Polishes used:
China Glaze – For Audrey
Face of Australia – Scream
Orly – Shine

Disclosure: All products were purchased by me (a lonnnggg time ago – these polishes are from the archives!)

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