Tasty: Mars Vanilla

Mars Vanilla

This Vanilla Mars Bar sat in my house for about 3 weeks before I finally ate it. I think I was building the anticipation up the whole time…‘surely the awesomeness of a Mars Bar plus the awesomeness of vanilla would equal awesome squared, right’ I told myself.

Not so.

Mars Bar Vanilla close up

When I eventually ate it, I was disappointed. Not like ‘oh man, the amazing Oscar De La Renta handbag I bought on ebay is actually a knock off’ kind of disappointment, but ‘this restaurant had a really good rating on yelp and the food is actually tasteless’ kind of disappointment. No harm done, but it’s always a sad face when something you have been looking forward to lets you down.

Price: $1.62 (give or take)
From: The Supermarket – I got mine from my local Coles

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