Current obsession: Skulls

Arm Candy

Like, big time obsession. I don’t know what it is. Not great honking skulls on t-shirts or candle holders or anything (apart from the sequin skull cushion – nothing subtle about that!) but more delicate and feminine skulls. Dainty, if you will.

I have picked up two bits of skull wrist candy recently and they are getting quite the workout.  The first is 15 little creme and brown skulls all threaded together to make a band of skulls (which sounds like a kickass metal band). I picked this one up for less than a twenny from Eden on Crown, a little dress shop on Crown St in Surry Hills that stocks their own brand, Alice Underground, plus some other affordable brands and LOADS of cool jewellery. There was no name on the tag or anything, so no idea who made it or where it came from, but they also had the same bracelet with mintgreen skulls.

Skull Bracelet from Eden on Crown

Price: $19.95
From: Eden on Crown

The other is an ASOS brand ASOS purchase. It’s a single gold skull on a delicate gold chain, and I’m quite taken by this little baby. It actually came as a set of two with a small gold cross on black cord, but I don’t like that nearly as much as the skull. I also got another dainty gold bracelet from ASOS but I think I’m gonna do an ASOS haul video on my youtube channel at some stage, so I’ll show you there.

ASOS skull bracelet

Price: $9.73
From: ASOS

So there you go. Skulls.

Updated to add: The day I posted this, I popped into Sportsgirl and saw they have skull bracelets like the one I got from Eden on Crown. But for half the price. Sucky.

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