The one where I buy a sequin skull cushion from Domayne

So, random story,  I went to visit one of the gorgeous girls from one of my favourite PR agencies a couple of weeks ago (Hi Charlotte!). We were enjoying a coffee and piece of cake when she told me that there were Melissa shoes on sale at SPACE, which happened to be where I had parked my car (she even described exactly where in the store they were, to make my life easy).

After trying on a couple of pairs of shoes and generally poking around the store for a bit (seriously, SPACE is awesomesauce) I figured I should head home. Or…maybe….I could just pop into Domayne quickly. I justified the exercise by claiming it was a) just that, exercise and b) looking for “something” for my wedding (I don’t need anything, but don’t tell my brain that).

On the way into the store I spotted a linen cushion with a silver sequin skull on it displayed in a little vignette. I went searching for it – I had to have that cushion! I found the rest of the range in the Christmas section (limited edition for Christmas FYI – when I think Christmas, I usually think silver sequin skulls) – there was a tote bag and a purse but no cushion. I asked the girl at the counter and she said there was no cushion in the range! LIES! Did my eyes deceive me? No, I went back to the front of the store and hung dangerously over an escalator to pull the cushion out of the display myself. Success, and I didn’t even lose a limb.

It’s not exactly a ‘cuddle up on the couch’ kind of cushion; more a ‘look but don’t touch’. But that’s ok, I’m very much enjoying looking at it.

Domayne silver sequin skull cushion

Cheeky Cushion Cover (not sure why the good peeps at Domayne called it ‘Cheeky’…?)
Price: $59.95
From: Domayne
Why you need it: Cos it’s rad

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  1. Melinda

    December 7, 2011 at 10:49 am

    Love it! You had me a sequin – I’m obsessed at the moment.

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