…About the leopard print shorts…

…About the leopard print shorts…

Funny story about the leopard print shorts…

I was going to the gym a couple of weeks ago to see my trainer and have our weekly session. I had errands to run first so I was packing my gym bag (in a hurry, because I was running late as usual) and as I was about to leave I spotted my t-shirt on the bed. ‘Oops’ I thought, ‘don’t wanna forget that! Lucky save’. Smug pat on back for not forgetting shirt. Well done, me.

Cut to me in the gym getting dressed and I don’t have pants.

With my session due to start in seven minutes, I had to shop under pressure. Huzzah! Lowes on the corner will have leggings. Oh, fail. That Lowes only has dudes stuff now. In a blind pantsless panic I forgot there was a Chicabooti nearby (that great bastion of all things tight and lycra, surely to have leggings in stock) and instead found myself in a random little store on Pitt St in the city called Attik. They didn’t have leggings, or regular shorts. But they did have loose culotte-style high waisted shorts. Perfect for the gym. Or not.

I was torn on spending $40 on a plain blue pair from Mika & Gala that I may or may not wear again, when I spotted the leopard print from the same brand. For $20 more I probably would wear them again. And hey, they were pretty cute. But oh my lord they were inappropriate for the gym. Again, another moment of blind shopping panic where I weighed up my dignity versus going pantsless (you see my blind panic here, right?)

Moral of the story – don’t ever try and work out in culotte high waisted shorts. Leopard print shorts do not go with that baggy grey gym t-shirt that’s probably better off in the bin. Sometimes an hour of no dignity at the gym is worth it if you get a cute pair of shorts out of it.

Leopard Print Shorts - Mika and Gala

Bitchin, right? God I'm a terrible model. I really need to learn how to pose.

Price: $59.95
From: Attik – 275 Pitt St
Why you need them: To look smokin’ at the gym…errr…

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  1. Sher

    November 28, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    hahahaha gold! 🙂

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