When you need to call on some inspiration…

I wasn’t going to blog today (by today I mean last night, because I write my posts at night and publish them the next morning). I’m tired and worn out, and just didn’t have the creative juices to get anything down. It happens sometimes, you know? You can’t just turn creativity on and off like a tap (if someone could figure it out, without resorting to illicit substances, they would make a fortune).

The beauty of these situations is I step away from the computer, watch TV, tidy my room, go for a walk (I’m currently on Leo watch, since Gatsby is being filmed near my house) or I bake. In fact, cooking is usually my number one go-to when I need to clear my head and recharge. Hello, profiteroles.

I wish I could say they were from scratch, but I picked up a packet mix on sale from Coles a couple of weeks ago. For a packet, it still required eggs, milk, thickened cream, and my electric mixer, so not totally cheating, right? The most complicated part was scooping the uncooked pastry from shells, and the easiest part was scoffing them down. Took about an hour and a half all up, including baking time and the custard setting. Not bad for a Sunday night, and a nice way to celebrate Fiance winning his soccer grand final and taking out the premiership. Nom.

Price: About $10 all up for ingredients
From: Coles
Why you need it: They’re tasty!

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  1. Emma

    August 28, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Nice! Doesn't really seem like the easy way out when you put that much effort into it.

    Jealous @ Leo watch! Nobody ever makes movies in boring Brisbane.

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