What to do when you own over 550 nail polishes

You know I have a nail polish addiction, right? Of course you do, because I have written about it before. My blog, The Nail File, might have also given it away a little – you don’t write a blog wholly dedicated to something you don’t love! How dull for you if you do.

So these days I have over 550 nail polishes, which probably seems a little excessive (ok, it is a little excessive). I can’t help myself though! I might have 23 shades of pink already, but maybe it’s *this pink* that will change my life. Anyway, trying to store 500+ nail polishes and keep them organised is pretty nuts. After I tell people about The Nail File, the first question I always get asked is ‘where do you keep them all!!’ This is usually accompanied with curious glances, mock horror, and heapings of sympathy for my beloved.

The bulk of my polishes live in one of two perspex trays that I picked up when a magazine was selling off their old props from shoots. Any overflow from one tray lands in the other, and they have a permanent spot under the desk – they are far too heavy to move (I can barely push them along the ground, let alone lift them). The trays are divided up into little squares and all the polishes are grouped by colour for easy access. Not that I’m obsessive compulsive or anything.

Then I have my Benjiboxes. These delightful plastic drawers store my tools, my essentials, my decals, tattoos & stamping kits, and any polishes I’m doing ‘something special’ with. I love my Benji’s – they have little rubber dots on the bottom, so when they are stacked they don’t slide around. Plus, the drawers pull out – way better than the other cheap crappy plastic boxes I keep my shoes in (ebay purchase). Notice how my shoes get the shit boxes and my nail supplies get the good stuff? Priorities

Benjibox Clear Shoe Boxes
Price: $49.75 for 5 pack
From: Benjibox website
Why you need them: Everyone needs storage solutions

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