6-Star Spa Luxury – Hello Panpuri Organic Spa!

Being recognised as a 6-star spa is no easy feat, but it’s one that Sydney’s newest and only 6-star spa Panpuri takes in its stride. Panpuri has a reputation across the world for its luxurious skincare and aromatherapy products, and their spas in places like Thailand, Dubai and across Europe have a reputation that is second to none. Eastern philosophy is embraced and true beauty is nurtured within the soul by treating the inside as well as the outside. How very zen.

Inside the spa – the doors lead to treatment rooms

 I was invited by Panpuri to come in and check out their beautiful new spa in Pyrmont and after about 0.8 seconds consideration I was booked and ready to go. From the foyer it doesn’t look very big, but this is all an optical illusion because there are actually eight treatment rooms tucked away inside. You have your choice of a single room for some alone time, or double room for some parallel pampering with your partner. There is also the relaxation room where you can enjoy a cup of Chai tea, Thai massage room to have the stress melted away, manicure and pedicure suite, and facial room.

Hello, relaxation room. A warm towel and a cuppa Chai

After first enjoying my cuppa in the relaxation room and admiring the twinkly lights on the ceiling that look like stars, I was whisked into a double room with hydrotherapy spa for my treatment. The treatment room, and in fact the whole spa, is decked out in inky black tiles and ornate gold fixtures. This lush interior sets the scene by combining serenity with opulence for visual stimulation – you could be anywhere in the world inside this spa.

I got to enjoy their signature massage treatment, the Mali Moonlight Massage, where my amazing therapist sent me into a trance unlike anything I have ever felt before. First up I have to pick whether I wanted jasmine or lemongrass oil for my massage – the lemongrass smelt nice, but I’m a jasmine girl all the way. Then it was time for the traditional feet washing – warm water with tea tree powder and dried green tea for hygiene and cleansing the feet of toxins, a slice of lemon and two lime leaves for invigoration. My feet are skilfully massaged with tea tree powder turned into paste and if it had ended right there I probably could have walked away happy. Bliss.

Sam Sparrow had it right – black and gold!

Post foot rub, it’s time to climb up on the bed. If I have to critique anything about the experience, it’s that the bed is a little hard and as someone who is incredibly amply blessed, it takes a while to adjust the ladies and get comfortable. The therapist doesn’t focus on one area at a time like a normal massage. Rather, she does a whole side of my body, starting at the foot and moving in long, languid strokes up my leg, across my back, over my shoulder and down my arm. These flowing movements combined with the jasmine oil mean not only is energy flowing through my body, but I’m putting the decorative drool bowl under my head to good use (I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be a drool bowl, but what did they expect?)

The left side of my body is worked over, then the right, then the whole back, then the shoulders. Just when I think it can’t get any better, I flip over for my arms, chest, and then a head massage. The therapist definitely deserves a gold star here because she washed her hands before the head massage so she didn’t get oil all through my hair. It’s a little detail, but definitely a reminder that all of the Panpuri therapists were hand-picked from 5 and 6 star spas in Dubai, Bali and Thailand. Seriously, that’s how luxe this place is.

The deets:
• Panpuri Organic Spa is located at 55 Miller St, Pyrmont. It is open daily from 10am – 10pm
• Treatments start at $75 and can last from 30 to 150 minutes (the Mali Moonlight Massage I experienced is $165 for 60 minutes) – see the full menu at www.panpuriorganicspa.com.au
• A complimentary car transfer service is available for any two-hour single treatments, or for two guests whose treatments are a minimum of one hour each. That’s 6-star luxury at its finest.

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