Wear your sentiment on your wall

Heads up porkchops. Remember when I mentioned I was a Cherry Pick Me ambassador and this means, along with the cherry hat, I get a sneak peek at the deals and stuff. I am OBSESSED with the deal for today (Friday) and WIN because it’s also running Saturday and Sunday too.

It’s these supercute banners from Banter Banner. They are in the style of that old Happy Birthday banner your Mum used to drag out every single year and hang in the kitchen (just my Mum? oh) except they are cute sentiments instead – things like Wine-Dine, La Dolce Vita, Sweet Dreams, Magic Surrounds and Beauty In Little Things.

The Cherry deal is 3 banners for $19, which is pretty slick because they are usually $10 each (48% saving, for all the maths nerds) Personally, I’m going for Joie De Vivre, Good Times and Celebrate The Everyday. Because we totally should celebrate the everyday, and this sweet reminder hanging over my bed will be a nice start to every morning.

Cherry Pick Me – Banter Banner
Price: 3 banners for $19
From: Pick up the deal on Cherry Pick Me
Why you need it: They are fricking adorable, how could you not!

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