Friday noms: Boteco. Brazilian. Brilliant.

There are so many amazing restaurants in the area where I live that it’s pretty unusual for Fiance and I to visit something more than twice unless it is really special. We have now been to Boteco five times and I am itching to go back again. Do you know how amazing it is to find a local haunt that you LOVE, that you want to GO BACK TO, and that is within WALKING distance! I love where we live.

Boteco (bo-tech-ko) is a Brazilian tapas restaurant and cocktail bar. In Brazil, boteco’s were traditionally known as a place where alcoholic beverages were sold, serving as a meeting place for bohemians who looked for good drink, cheap snacks and a chat (thanks wikipedia). I love when restaurants are all literal like that. Think chicken croquetes on a bed of capsicum sauce, snapper ceviche, grain fed piranha beef with salsa. Drool. My favourite thing on the menu is Bolinho de Arroz (parmesan rice balls) on a bed of spinach and chick peas. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (the fact that I would start to resemble a rice ball isn’t lost on me).

Bolinho de Arroz – parmesan rice balls on spinach and chick peas

Croquete – chicken on red capsicum sauce
Hortela & Blueberry Caipifruta

 Actually, the balls are top 3 in terms of favourite. My other two favourites are the blueberry and mint caipifruta cocktail, which is made with cachaca, a liquor popular in Brazil that is made from fermented sugarcane. It’s sort of like rum and goes down really easily (dangerous). The other favourite, and the main reason I want to take Ms. Critique there, is the 70% cocoa brownie served with homemade coconut ice cream. Let me say that again…70% cocoa brownie served with home.made. coco.nut. ice.cream. This thing is like heaven on a plate. It’s so simple and yet so unbelievably tasty – I have had it on all five visits and have licked my plate clean every single time (on one visit I actually did lick the plate – Fiance was mortified, can’t take me anywhere).

Santiago – plum pisco, apricot brandy, Dubbonet, fresh pineapple & lemon

Mandioca Frita – cassava chips

Cozido – four hour braised beef cheek portugese port & cassava puree

Brownie com Sorvete – 70% cocoa brownie with coconut and tapioca ice cream

 Prices: Cocktails are $16+, Dishes range from $9-$19 for the tasting plates, and then $42 for the grill tasting plate. The famous brownie is $12.
From: Boteco – 421 Cleveland St Surry Hills
Why you need to go: Good food, good drinks, and a cute wine bar atmosphere. Great for both couples wanting a nice meal and groups wanting to party. Make sure you book on weekends because it gets busy.
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  1. Sher

    June 19, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    WOW this sounds amazing!!! I've never had brazillian food except for the brazillian bbq thing @ Wildfire which is nothing like this looks! I love trying new places to eat 🙂


    June 28, 2011 at 9:33 am

    WOW. Oh how you know me so well! I am so up for chocolate brownies and coconut ice cream. Hellz yes. Let's book it a dessert date lady! Big love. x

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