Carbon Anti-Static – sounds science-y and stuff

You remember how on Monday I mentioned my very strong dislike of static electricity? If you missed it, here’s a re-cap: I hate static electricity. Loathe it. This is not just my fear of the spark from touching a car door handle or trampoline (hmmm…maybe that’s where the trauma started). Oh no, running a plastic comb through my hair and having it stand up creeps me out no end.

And yet I continue to use plastic combs.

Anyway, a few weeks ago ghd sent a little parcel my way which included a tail comb. On first glance I assumed it was like any other tail comb (I currently wield a $2 job from Priceline). It wasn’t until I went back and carefully examined it that I realised this may have just been the greatest thing I had ever been sent (well, top 5 at least). It’s a Carbon Anti-Static comb. No matter how often I run it through my hair and how windy it is, no static electricity! Woohoo! Usually a run through with a comb makes it look like I have been touching one of those plasma globes that were the home accessory du jour in the mid-90s, but this leaves my hair sleek and flat, especially when teamed with my ghd (fyi I have a gold series ghd – it’s freaking awesome).

I have seriously been telling everyone I know about this comb. Are you impressed? Or did you already know about this? Maybe I’m just a bit behind the times.

ghd Carbon Anti-Static Tail Comb
Price: $12
From: ghd salons or the ghd website
Why you need it: Screw static! With all this wild and woolly winter weather, buy now and thank me later.

This product was offered to Stuff That I Bought for consideration – for more details, please see the disclosure policy

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