Alterna Hemp – for mellow hair

– by Shay

I have been a regular old scientist this year. My shower has become my laboratory, my hair the topic of observation.

You may remember my last post where I sang the joys of Joico KPak Sun Therapy Treatment Masque. You could be forgiven if you thought I’d slacked off on the beauty reviews, and left Elise like some jilted lover since then. Let me assure you this was not the case. I could never turn my back on Elise, or beauty products in general. Since my love affair with Joico, I have been hunkered down in my testing room with a myriad of hair cleansing products. Many of them were turfed after my minimum two week testing term (I refuse to make any kind of decision on a skin or hair product unless I’ve used it for a fortnight at the very least) but the most recent couple of products have stuck around and now have a permanent home in my shower caddy. Alterna Hemp Organics Colour Hold Repair Treatment Conditioner and Shampoo is a brand and product I had never heard of. It immediately conjured up images of red-eyed hippies seated around a campfire, but I was certainly willing to give the funky packaging a shot.

The shampoo comes in a slender, long necked bottle while its counterpart, the conditioner, squats at around half the height and double the width. The mustard yellow definitely makes them stand out in the stark white of my bathroom.

Package design aside, these guys pack a serious soft and shiny punch for coloured hair. I felt my hair responding well to this combination from day one.

The shampoo cleansed gently but thoroughly, removing all traces of styling products and it smelt gorgeous. Both products had soft, earthy floral scents that were gentle and not overpowering. The shampoo formula was a pearly white colour and it felt very luxurious and smooth on the hair, almost like silk.

I left the conditioner in my hair while I washed my body, shaved and cleansed (multi-tasking in the shower is a must in our rain-starved country, don’t you know?). It applied well and combed through my hair nicely. It had the consistency of thick, white cream and softened my hair almost directly on contact.

Once everything was rinsed out and the water was running clear, I towel dried my hair to put these hair care items to the real test. I’m pleased to say that they left my natural, air-dried hair soft, bouncy, smooth and shiny – oh so shiny! It also seemed to control my frizz and calmed my natural kinks and waves.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the way the key ingredient (Fresh Water Silt) supplies amino acids, phytonutrients and microfine minerals to my hair. The formulas are packed with a variety of organic botanicals (hence the divine scents) and Alterna’s patented Hemp technology©, so I feel like my hair is in safe and natural hands. They are also sulphate free, which really seals the deal.

I’ve been using this combination for almost three weeks now, and I can’t see myself giving them up anytime soon. At $31.95 per bottle, pricewise they’re on par with my other favourite shampoo and conditioner combinations.

I definitely recommend you inject some hemp into your hair care routine, you won’t regret it! And it won’t leave you with red, bleary looking eyes. ; )

Alterna Hemp Organics Colour Hold Repair Treatment Conditioner and Shampoo
Price: $31.95 per bottle (300mL shampoo and 250mL conditioner)
From: call 1300 437 436
Why you need it: For soft and shiny hair, no Bob Marley required

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  1. sher

    June 26, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Sounds fab! $25 per bottle is my limit with shampoo + conditioner though, unless its a special treat. I recently tried L'oreal sulfate free range and it's really great!
    I'm keen to try the Organix range of keratin shampoo + conditioner!!

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