Your scalp is skin too, you know!

Bloody weather. This is the time of year when my sinuses go nuts, my skin goes nuts and my scalp goes nuts. I am currently suffering through my annual bout of sinusitis, whilst also switching from serum and a light moisturiser to something a bit more hardcore on the visage. Just on that, so far Terre & Mer by Thalgo Vital Cream with Organic Olive Leaf gets a big tick of approval – my poor old dry skin has been sucking up all the sweet almond oil and olive goodness. But I’ll get to that another day.

Bauhaus Hair must have felt my spidey senses scalp tingling at the change of season because they invited me in for a scalp analysis and blow-dry a few weeks ago. My hairdresser Alex started off by doing three different tests on my scalp; using a little science kit, he tested the pH of my scalp (5.5 means too much sebum, 6.5 means not enough sebum, my scalp was 6.0), the quality of the sebum (A1 5-stars) and finally whether there was any flakiness (there wasn’t, amazingly). Most of my scalp issues were down to my skin being dehydrated so Alex selected a La Biosthetique scalp treatment that was highly moisturising and sent me home with my own little bottle so I can apply a few drops whenever my scalp is feeling tight or itchy.

It’s called La Biosthetique Ergines B and it’s all about scalp regulation – lubricating, soothing tightness and hydrating. Perfect for anyone who sits in an air conditioned office all day and gets dehydrated or dry over winter. You just squeeze a few drops straight onto the scalp, give it a little rub and keep going about your day. Alex recommended keeping it in my handbag or on my desk so that I can squirt whenever the urge strikes. Considering I spray Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist on my face all day to fight the air con, and I keep a line up of lip products, I have quite the air con fighting arsenal on hand at all times.

My scalp has been feeling a lot better since I started using Ergines B – much less of that tight, dry feeling, and definitely less itchy. How many more months is winter? What? We’re not even in winter yet? Bummer.

La Biosthetique Ergines B
Price: $36.95 (give or take, depending on the salon)
From: Bauhaus Hair – 293 Young St Waterloo – check the La Biosthetique website for other salons
Why you need it: Your scalp is skin too…it also needs moisture!

This product was offered for consideration – for more details, please see my disclosure policy

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  1. Joe Giampa

    June 8, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Im glad you have used LA BIOSTHETIQUE product and posted a review of your experience. Ergines B is the bomb when it comes to dry scalp, we know because we use and recommend LA BIOSTHETIQUE in our Melbourne salon CAPELLI da GG.
    We where one of the first LA BIOSTHETIQUE concept salons in Australia.Alex has been a great mentor for us and has been educating us on the product and its use since he arrived in Australia.We have been so impressed with LA BIOSTHETQUE that we now have an online shop where you can learn and purchase the correct product for your scalp and/or hair concerns.Not to mention the extensive skin range for men and women, truly a remarkable product and well worth a try.

    Director/co-owner CAPELLI da GG

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