What to buy your Mum if she isn’t on a European cruise (again)

What Mother’s Day? For the third year in a row, my parents are galavanting around Europe on Mother’s Day while I hold the fort back here and celebrate my sisters birthday without them (really sore point in our family, don’t mention it when my sis is present). That’s not to say I don’t *think* about gifts for Mum, but I usually end up buying a card and sending it off with Dad while I buy a nice gift for myself for being awesome. That’s how I roll.

This year one of the things that slid across my desk was this beautiful Queen Bee gift pack from Aurora Spa Rituals. I have used Aurora Spa Rituals Peppermint Pedi Repair Cream before and it is dy-na-mite on sore feet (note to self: pack it in your suitcase when you go away in 3 weeks) so I was stoked to try out the Queen Bee set. I figured Mum wouldn’t mind if it was in the name of research.

First up, the packaging is freaking adorable. The gold foil honeycomb pattern on apricot is the kind of
packaging you gingerly put aside after you open the box and then cut up to stick on your inspiration board. Inside the box is Grapefruit and Seaweed Body Cleanser that smells delish (I’m a sucker for grapefruit), Ultra Firming Body Cream (also zingy – sweet orange, grapefruit, ylang ylang, and lemon) and an exfoliating mitt to make sure aforementioned cream can work its magic.

Just going back to the Body Cream for a second, the lid on the tube is wooden, which just adds an extra layer of luxe to already luxe spa products. Like luxe-squared. If you’re a Melbourne reader may I suggest skipping the gift pack and just going straight to the Aurora Spa Retreat at The Prince in St Kilda. Your Mum will love you like a fashion blogger loves the front row. Meanwhile I’m going to keep enjoying the Queen Bee gift set – my Mum has no idea what she’s missing.

Aurora Spa Rituals Queen Bee Gift Set
Price: $90
From: Mecca Cosmetica
Why you need it: Because it’s Mother’s Day in 4 sleeps and I know you haven’t bought anything yet.

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