The one where a man learns the true value of Dermalogica

– by Paul

On the subject of established female cosmetics brands venturing into the fickle world of male grooming, it would seem that Dermalogica have also taken the plunge.

I had seen Dermalogica cleanser in my gf’s bathroom, but hadn’t paid it much attention apart from occasionally swiping some when I forgot to bring my own toiletries. So when she saw the men’s range on my basin and started whimpering like a – very cute and lovable – puppy that wants a piece of your hamburger, I realised that perhaps I hadn’t given it the respect it was due.

The men’s range is tastefully decorated in Dermalogica’s trademark white, but with a bold crimson to differentiate it from the formal grey of the women’s. I sense a woman’s smarts somewhere in the design – they’ve obviously tried to make it distinctive enough that no bloke will be able to mistake it for his gf’s Dermalogica products, thus preserving her stash.

I tried the Pre-Shave Guard (RRP $32.50, 170g), and the Invigorating Shave Gel (RRP $28, 180ml).

Firstly, the Guard: I generally like the idea of a pre-shave application. Anything that softens and smoothes the surface before you apply a razor to skin is always welcome. The problem is, tons of products promise this, but there have been few that I’ve found that really make it worthwhile.

I opened the tube. Thick and unctuous, it exuded odours of essential oils. I was suspicious. Normally product that is essential oil based leaves you reeking of day-spa; all aromatherapy rather than man-about-town, and damn near impossible to cover up, whichever aftershave you use.

It turned out to be awesome. Great to put on, made my skin feel tingly and alive, and actually did what it was supposed to on my three-day Mediterranean bristle. And best of all – after the shave was complete, I was left with no residual pine-needle/ tea-tree/ lemon myrtle/ eucalypt/ mint oil smell!

So, the process I followed: smear on the Pre-shave Guard, then apply some of the Invigorating Shave Gel. Dermalogica recommends use of their shaving cream after the Guard, but I have found that the Gel works equally well, if not better. The Guard gives a thick buffering base, whilst the Gel is light and lubricating, and together they produced the best shave I’ve had for ages.

The plusses for me were the fact that even with several days growth, it all rinsed easily off the blade, so there was no annoying clogging. The approach, however, works equally well with only one day’s growth. My skin felt supple afterwards; smooth, but not tender and meringue-like, even with a close shave.

Bottom line: Pre-shave Guard + Invigorating Shave Gel = great shave. And I’m fussy. (Elise’s note: Yes he is. Believe me.)

Buy when: your man is enlightened enough to respect the fact that he will need to use two products to
shave with, rather than one.

You can buy Dermalogica at salons nationally

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