Pew Pew! My first experience with laser hair removal.

I went for my first session of laser last Thursday. I have been putting off getting laser for years because I had in my head that it would hurt like hell. Meanwhile, I have been waxing for over 10 years. Um, idiot. Go figure, right. I would hate to do the math on just how much I have spent on waxing over the last decade. But I digress.

It was actually my little sister who talked me into having laser. She reckons it doesn’t hurt at all but I was sceptical – my sister is the toughest nut on the planet and has a pain threshold higher than most marathon runners. I on the other hand am a wuss. The wussiest wuss who ever wussed. Look up wuss in the dictionary and you see my face (but again, years of waxing. Go figure).  I was however slightly placated when I was told that my bikini and underarm would only take 5 minutes all up. Surely I could handle 5 minutes of pain.

I took myself off to Leah’s Waxworks in Mid City Centre on my sisters recommendation and she wasn’t kidding when she said a) it would only take 5 minutes and b) it actually didn’t hurt that much. This is pretty much my internal monologue of how the five minutes went down:

Minute one…
Pants off, arms up, on the table with a leg spread. Gosh it’s hard to be graceful and dignified when you’re essentially starkers lying on paper. What’s she doing? Oh, a quick swipe over with a razor to make sure all the strays are gone. And here are the stylin’ ski goggles I have to wear to protect my eyes. I am the height of chic right now.

Minute two…
Right underarm. Ok this isn’t so bad. It really does feel like someone flicking me with a rubber band. What’s she doing? Oh I see, up and down in stripes to get every spot. Kind of like mowing the grass in rows. Ha! What a great analogy. High five, Phillips.

Minute three…
Left underarm. Ok this hurts a bit. Stings. Yep, kinda hurting. Ok…breathe….breathe….oh, she’s done.

Minute four…
Bikini line. I wonder what Fiance is cooking for dinner? Ok ow! That hurt. That skin is pretty sensitive down there, you know. Oh that skin’s alright though. Yep, not too bad. Ok ow again!

Minute five…
Bikini line. I’m an old pro at this now. Totally fine. Cool. As. A. Cucumber. Are we done? Really? I could totally go again.

And just like that it’s over! It’s less pain and more just uncomfortable – when everyone says it feels like being flicked with a rubber band they are right. It’s not pleasant as it is happening, but as soon as the laser stops, the pain stops. The smell of singed hair I could take or leave though.

There is redness afterwards like waxing, but it isn’t uncomfortable. My underarms felt a bit sensitive throughout the afternoon (I had it done on my lunchbreak) but considering I have been shaving them for more than half my lifetime and I have never once waxed, I’m not surprised they felt a bit odd.  I’ll let you know how I go when the hair falls out in two weeks time – apparently it’s going to be itchy!

Check out this video I found on youtube and skip to the 2 minute mark – it shows how the process works and what the laser looks like as it hits the skin.

Candela GentleLASE laser hair removal
Price: $70 for Brazilian and underarm
From: Leah’s Waxworks – level 1 Mid City Centre
Why you need it: Permanent hair removal. Throw out your razors and stop spending on waxing – you can spend all that saved cash on a nice PS1 for me please.

SUPER AWESOME SPECIAL NEWSFLASH: If you pop into Leah’s Waxworks in the Mid City Centre and mention Stuff That I Bought, you’ll get $10 off any treatment valued over $50. Bad luck non-Sydney readers, cos this is a sweet deal! The deal is valid until September 1st, 2011.

I was a guest of Leah’s Waxworks and will be reviewing a full course of underarm and bikini laser treatments.
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  1. Kat

    April 10, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Laser is the bomb.

    Had my underarms done a few years ago and just bought a scoupon so I can get some more done.

    You'll probably need to do a top up after year or so, but really, it's only because my head is so close to my underarms that I can actually notice the hair that is left.

  2. Babs

    April 11, 2011 at 4:21 am

    Ooooh let me know how effective it is after the whole course is done. I have super white skin and super dark hair. Not a pretty combo, so I'm interested to see if laser is worth it..

  3. avril

    April 11, 2011 at 10:09 am

    I also did a laser hair removal Toronto treatment for my hairy legs, and I must admit at the beginning it hurt a little bit, because I wasn't prepared for it, but then on my second session thing worked out great, painless. Now I want to make an appointment for an underarms treatment. I hope to get the same results my first treatment provided me.

  4. Sher

    April 18, 2011 at 7:01 am

    I love Leahs for laser! I find it a tad unprofessional @ times but im willing to sacrifice that for cheap and effective laser!!
    i think i'm up to my 5th visit and i'm very impressed. The pain is worth the result!

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