Stuff that’s making me really happy right now

Lots of things make me happy…sunshine, good food, pilates…but buying shit makes me happy too. Let’s focus on that.

Red lips – I am head over heels in lust with my MAC red lippie – it’s Cruella DeVil Heartless from last years Disney Villains collection. See photographic evidence here or just try to catch me in person. I have been wearing it with a lip liner by Om She that matches it perfectly (the shade is Jasper and costs $12 for anyone playing along at home)

New shoes – Oooooh definitely an indulgent purchase, but I wear flats most days so I figure the cost per wear will make these Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Plaque Ballets Flats worthwhile. So in love with these pebbled and patent leather babies. I bought them from Shopbop and I was fortunate enough to have a $100 voucher so in the end realistically they only set me back $100 (wow! look at her with the justifications!) I will wear them every day. Except when it rains. Note to self: buy Scotchgard this weekend.

New outfits – Specifically, the outfit I have to wear to my friends wedding in a few weeks – a divine pair of Alina Van camel suede heels and an olive Wayne by Wayne Cooper dress. Pictures to come, but suffice to say I’m excited, and praying for a warm night.

Glowing skin   I got given Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin Complexion Enhancer (fancy way of saying illuminator) as a gift from someone who obviously knows me better than they might think. I am obsessed, and wear it almost every day. It’s really runny and doesn’t stay in the tube very well, but I don’t mind that I have to wipe it off the end of the tube every morning – it’s so worth it. I remember my very first illuminator from Red Earth about 10 years ago and this smells exactly like that one did (cucumbers), so I feel a little nostalgic every morning when I wipe it on.

New hair – I got a haircut from Andrew at People – this kid knows his shit! One of the best haircuts I have had in ages. Also one of the priciest, but that’s Sydney I guess.

Cute prods – Take a look at the new Australis Paparazzi Perfect eyeshadow quads – how darn cute are they?! Rhetorical. I know how darn cute they are. So cute I don’t want to use them, but I will anyway.

The fine print…
MAC lipstick – $37 – probably ebay at this stage, since it’s sold out on counters
Marc by Marc Jacobs flats – $206.23 ($US195) – Shopbop
Jemma Kidd Illuminator – $35.95 – Kit Cosmetics
People hairdressing – $95 – Shop 4/91-93 Macleay St Potts Point, Sydney
Australis Paparazzi Perfect eyeshadow quads – $15.95 – Priceline, KMart, Target

The Australis eyeshadow was offered to Stuff That I Bought for consideration

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