Proof: Even dudes get sucked in by advertising

– by Paul

Despite my best efforts to avoid it, some advertising recently caught my eye. Olay, it would seem,
have released a men’s range, and have been splashing it across my TV screen. They’ve gone for
the conventional male shaving/grooming ad formula: a buff-but-not-too-effeminate-looking feller
performing a variety of outdoorsy activities to the admiration of not one, but two, hot, bikini-clad girlies, interspersed with shots of him lathering/massaging his skin and looking generally smooth and pleased with himself.

Olay, though, have some serious cred in all things feminine and creamy, so I was curious as to how their
men’s stuff turned out.

I tried a couple of moisturizers which were generally pretty good, but I’ll elaborate on these in a separate blog. The product I want to talk about in this post is the Refreshing Energy Post-Shave Toner (RRP $19.99), which is truly one of the best shaving products I have found, and well-deserving of a post all to itself. It is part of Olay’s Men Solution suite of products, designed for a broad spectrum of male skin types (Elise: as if 95% of males would know what their skin type was anyway!)

It is a clear and light-textured liquid that you splash on like a conventional aftershave. I applied it after an early morning, bleary-eyed shave, and it felt just magic. It wasn’t heavy and oily (like some balms tend to be); nor did it feel stinging and moisture-sapping (like an aftershave). Truly wonderful stuff. I bounced out of the bathroom feeling alive and energetic and ready for the world (I later checked the label and found that it contains “vitamins and ginseng extract” … which probably explains the buzz).

Best of all, it had no scent of its own, so there were no issues when I hit it with the new Tom Ford eau de toilette (incidentally, the Tom Ford is something else you seriously have to try – it is spray-on sex).

Bottom line: Love the Toner. Full stop.
Buy when: you want to give your man something that he will use and love, all the time.
Price: $19.99
From: Supermarkets, Priceline, everywhere else you get your chicks Olay.

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