Amazing, best ever, new favourite lip products! (for now, anyway)

– by Shay

It feels like only yesterday I was swearing my allegiance to a completely different lipstick brand. That’s one thing I’ve learnt about the beauty game. Much like the film industry, competitive cricket or the world of technology, something new, amazing and BETTER is always waiting in the wings, biding its time until it completely changes the game on you.

I wasn’t expecting much when I opened my two new Cid lipsticks and one Cid lipgloss.  To be honest the brand name conjures up images of psychedelic 70’s dance festivals.  Not something I would usually associate with life-changing lip products.

When I opened the Pink Bliss lipstick I was immediately enamoured with the packaging.  It comes in a long rectangular tube that sports a good size mirror for easy application and – be still my beating heart – a light to ensure you’re applying to your lips, and not your cheeks, chin, et al.

The light itself has a bluish tinge to it, but it still works remarkably well when used with the mirror.  I always have to pull out my bulky compact in order to re-apply my lip products throughout the day, and this was a welcome lightening of my handbag load.

Then I applied the lipstick.  Holy amazing lipsticks, Batman.  I really should stop using terms like “best ever”, “won’t change brands again” and “lifetime loyalty” when I’ve found what I think is the best product as this just blew anything else I’ve used completely out of the water.

For a start, it applied so smoothly.  It felt like some kind of marshmallow butter and was impossibly light on the lips.  Then, there’s the colour pigment – it is indeed excellent, with only one swipe required for a perfect pout.  Plus the lack of scent means it’s a pleasure to apply and have on the lips. Follow this with the amazing moisture-locking system and you have plush, hydrated, pigmented – dare I say it, PERFECT – lips.

The only thing that could be viewed as a problem is the fact that it’s not particularly long-wearing.  My lips seem to hold colour pretty well at the best of times, but I did find I had to reapply a little more than usual.  But if you’ve invested in moisturising lipsticks before you’ll know that the terms moisturising and long-wearing are almost always mutually exclusive.

The two colours (Pink Bliss and Scarlet) are very natural looking, and I saw them as two very common lip shades only deeper looking.  Both looked flattering on my skin-tone, and I dare say at least one would suit lighter and darker toning than myself.

When it was time to put the lip-gloss through its paces I was cautiously optimistic. This brand seemed to know what it was doing in terms of formula AND application of their lipsticks; would they continue it through to their lip-glosses?  I needn’t have worried. Cid have created one of the best, non-tacky lip-glosses I have personally ever used. 

Raspberry Kiss is a complimentary shade to any skin-tone. It’s natural looking and reasonably sheer, while still looking great on its own.  It looks lovely layered over both the Pink Bliss and Scarlet lipsticks too.
It sports the same inspired mirror and light system for accurate application, and I was most impressed with the formula.

The brush is large enough to pick up adequate product to do one lip at a time and small enough to really get into the corners of your mouth or cupids bow without needing to mop up any excess.

I really want to say these are my number one, never forsake them, can’t imagine anyone else doing it better lip products.  But that shows I haven’t learnt anything since my last lip product rave, have I?

Price: $33 for both lipstick and gloss
From: Not readily available (i.e. not in Priceline) – call Haircare Australia on 1300 437 436 to find a local salon
Why you need it: How much win is it to fix your lips with a product that has a built in light? This much win.

These products were offered to Stuff That I Bought for consideration – please see our disclosure policy

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