Grab your maps and your oxygen, it’s Sherpa Chic

I’m calling it now – the hottest look for winter will be what I have dubbed Sherpa Chic. I say that because I recently had the chance to check out the new season Sportsgirl stuff before it hits shelves (some of it is in store now) and holy frijoles! Straight off the Himalayas, but in a really sexy way. We’re talking ponchos, chunky jackets and enough fur to make Sarah Palin moist.

Here’s your winter checklist:

  • Heavy grandma knits
  • Printed maxi skirts and harem pants (there is a pair of pants I am already imagining myself in)
  • Fur gillettes (oh how I desperately want one in black – if you find one anywhere let me know – Sportsgirl are doing browns and creams)
  • Felt hats for off duty model-chic
  • Shearling boots (which I am possibly not cool enough to wear, but they are pretty anyway)
  • Textured bags
  • Patterned tights
  • Chintzy vintage-look gold jewellery

Gotta say, as someone who isn’t a size 6, I’m not sure how I feel about the patterned tights. Everything else – WANT. In fact, my number one item that I must have is a fluffy cream long-sleeved mini dress that is so super soft and cuddly it feels like a hug from a cloud. Also, mittens with kittens on them. There is really only about a week in winter when it gets cold enough in Sydney to wear mittens, but gosh darn if I’m not going to wear the heck out of the mittens in those seven days.

If you’re really quick, you might be lucky enough to pick up one of their leather shift dresses. They are only making 100 and at this stage they will be exclusive to their flagship stores, but there is a small chance there will be a second batch made. I might put my name down when I go into Sportsgirl today to buy the printed pants, a felt hat and some shearling boots.

I don’t have pics of the aforementioned kitten mittens, the leather dress or the magical cream mini because they are in the second batch of stocked to be dropped, but you really should check it out. BYO goat though.


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