Stuff That I Bought does Birdsnest

If you have been reading this site for any length of time you would know I’m marginally addicted to online shopping. That said, I have had some bad experiences recently with things coming in at the wrong size, wrong shape, fitting wrong or just looking…well…wrong.

I have talked about Australian site Birdsnest before and how awesome they are, so I decided to put the Birdsnest girls to the test. Goodness knows I’m not the most fashionable model on the catwalk, so I enlisted their help to dress me for autumn. They have a fab function on their website where you can shop for your body shape, and as someone with a slightly unusual body shape (5’2” and, um, curvaceous) not everything looks good on me, so any and all guidance is appreciated. Not only are clothes categorised by body type, but they actually style complete looks for you to shop from because they have full time stylists on staff. Genius. It’s like fashion for dummies.

They have an incredible all-female team who pick the seasons items, style all the shoots and add a handwritten note into every parcel.

Jane, the head bird, started Birdsnest because she is passionate about making women feel good about themselves, and it really shows. I spoke to their stylist Peige and, based on my body shape and a few ‘I like this, I don’t like this’, she sent me a pile of clothes that would be shape and style appropriate. You know what? She nailed it all. All of it. What do you think?

Are you an online shopper? Does the idea of shopping by body shape with fully styled outfits appeal? (this is rhetorical, I know the answer is yes.) I will totally be shopping from Birdsnest in future – they stock a lot of my favourite brands like Staple the Label, Ben Sherman, Blue Juice, Mink Pink, Sass and Wish, and they show me how to wear them.

As an aside, and in the interest of transparency, Birdsnest are letting me keep something from this little experiment. What do you think I should keep? (I guarantee I’ll buy most of it anyway.) I’m massively obsessed with the Sass Grace Army Jacket ($109.95), Mink Pink Long Distance Maxi ($59.95) and Therapy Duke boots ($59.95).

Check out for more autumn fashion inspiration.

Also, the track used in my clip is Won’t Go Quietly by Example. Check out Example’s facebook page or you can get his new album on iTunes.

Oh, Friday…

Dear Lush Keep It Fluffy Purple Bath Ballistic,

Thank you for being amazing. I had been looking forward to dropping you in a hot bath all day and you didn’t let me down. Your delicious jasmine and warm vanilla soothed my aching muscles, moisturised my skin and melted away the stress from a week that can only be described as icky. I feel a gazillion times better (and a little bit sparklier) from having spent time with you.

Big love,

Dear Cleaner,

Apologies for the bath bomb residue in the bath. Im sure you’ll have fun cleaning it up.


Grab your maps and your oxygen, it’s Sherpa Chic

I’m calling it now – the hottest look for winter will be what I have dubbed Sherpa Chic. I say that because I recently had the chance to check out the new season Sportsgirl stuff before it hits shelves (some of it is in store now) and holy frijoles! Straight off the Himalayas, but in a really sexy way. We’re talking ponchos, chunky jackets and enough fur to make Sarah Palin moist.

Here’s your winter checklist:

  • Heavy grandma knits
  • Printed maxi skirts and harem pants (there is a pair of pants I am already imagining myself in)
  • Fur gillettes (oh how I desperately want one in black – if you find one anywhere let me know – Sportsgirl are doing browns and creams)
  • Felt hats for off duty model-chic
  • Shearling boots (which I am possibly not cool enough to wear, but they are pretty anyway)
  • Textured bags
  • Patterned tights
  • Chintzy vintage-look gold jewellery

Gotta say, as someone who isn’t a size 6, I’m not sure how I feel about the patterned tights. Everything else – WANT. In fact, my number one item that I must have is a fluffy cream long-sleeved mini dress that is so super soft and cuddly it feels like a hug from a cloud. Also, mittens with kittens on them. There is really only about a week in winter when it gets cold enough in Sydney to wear mittens, but gosh darn if I’m not going to wear the heck out of the mittens in those seven days.

If you’re really quick, you might be lucky enough to pick up one of their leather shift dresses. They are only making 100 and at this stage they will be exclusive to their flagship stores, but there is a small chance there will be a second batch made. I might put my name down when I go into Sportsgirl today to buy the printed pants, a felt hat and some shearling boots.

I don’t have pics of the aforementioned kitten mittens, the leather dress or the magical cream mini because they are in the second batch of stocked to be dropped, but you really should check it out. BYO goat though.


Stuff I love right now

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to talk about stuff I’m loving at the moment (apart from the obvious stuff like my Fiancé and Cadbury Turkish Delight easter eggs).

1 – Macbook Air – I love this little 11″ baby so much it hurts. She’s shiny (like me), she’s pretty (like me), she’s impressively powerful (like me) and she’s so light I can sit her on my lap and not even feel it (errr…). Plus she is handbag size, so I can take her on the bus and do stuff while I’m on the move. Yes, my Air is a girl. (Price: starting at $1199, From: Apple)

2 – Antipodes Kiwi Seed Eye Cream – I have been using this eye cream for about 3 months and it has steadily helped to repair all the damaged skin around my eyes. Because I stare at computers all day, my eyes and the surrounding area get really dry, but this cream gently hydrates without being too heavy (because heavy eye cream just does the reverse of what it is supposed to and drags your skin down to create sagging). Take five, Antipodes, you’ve earned it. (Price: $48.95, From: David Jones)

3 – Nivea Calm & Care Deodorant – It smells good. I like it. What else can you say about deodorant? (Price: $3.79, From: the supermarket)

4 – Lapureté Mild Crème Facial Cleanser –  This cleanser is a good one, people. It contains a natural botox alternative called Okuru, as well as passionflower, which work to gently target all those fine lines and age spots that seem to creep up as we get older (I just had another birthday, so I’m hyper-aware of how old I feel right now). This cleanser seems to really agree with my skin and I plan on draining every last drop from the tube – fighting crows feet while washing my face is pretty cool, no? (Price: $39.90, From: Terry White, Chemmart, Pulse pharmacies)

5 – MOR candle in Italian Blood Orange – Bellissimo! Absolutely beautiful. Blood orange, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley dance around my bedroom while I wind down every night (and play Angry Birds – I’m totally stuck on a level in the Valentine’s Day special edition). Not only do you get 40 hours burn time, but it looks elegant in the black glass with the gold stamp on the front. The perfect bedside table accessory. (Price: $39.95, From: David Jones and Myer)

The Antipodes, Lapurete and Mor were offered to me for consideration.