Show me how you Burlesque

Burlesque came out yesterday and if you haven’t already bought your tickets, then you better get to the box office! (or buy them online, cos that’s usually how people kick it these days). I had the privilege of seeing it back in December thanks to OPI and Smashbox, and it kicks ass. Sure, it’s not exactly intellectually stimulating – girl leaves small town, goes to big smoke, meets boy, overcomes sticky situation, gets big break, gets boy, happily ever after (sorry if I ruined the ending) – but the costumes are amazing, the tunes are catchy and holy heck the nails and makeup are specTACular!

Of course there are the obligatory merchandise tie-ins. I have already written about the OPI Burlesque nail collection that came out before Christmas – check it out over at The Nail File. The hot chicks at Smashbox created the makeup looks for the film, and they too have put out some amazing limited-edition prods that you should dash into Kit to snap up.

If you want to go OTT and splurge, pick up the Train Case (valued at $400, but RRP $174.95 – sweet value!)  You probably won’t need to buy another piece of makeup all year if you get this – we’re talking 8 different products for eyes, lips and cheeks. If you only want a few prodz, go for the Beauty Collection ($179 value for $58.95). I was lucky enough to be given a Beauty Collection box and I will admit it’s the first time I have successfully used a liquid liner pen.

I am utterly uncoordinated when it comes to liquid liner, but this thin felt tip pen is actually not that tricky to use (I know, I was surprised). As well as the eyeliner, the box contains a shadow and liner quad with a cute fishnet pattern on the lid and a double ended lipgloss, but my favourite product by far is the golden pink loose shimmer powder in Burlesque. I have been dusting this on my cheekbones every day for a little extra glow, even this week when I was stuck in bed with the flu. Nothing cures the flu like a little shimmy shimmy.

Smashbox for Burlesque
Price: $58.95 for the Beauty Collection
From: Kit Cosmetics
Why you need it: If you buy ANY product from Kit before Jan 31st, you go in the draw to win a trip to LA. If you buy a Burlesque product you get TWO entries. Incentive enough?

These products were offered to me for consideration


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  1. hipnhaute

    January 14, 2011 at 2:20 am

    I saw the movie yesterday and the make up was amazing. I was lusting over xtina's make up especially. That Burlesque highlight powder looked absolutely gorgeous on her in the movie.

  2. emmabovary

    January 14, 2011 at 2:50 am

    I saw the movie with Kit Cosmetics on Wednesday and loved it. Found the storyline to be similar to Coyote Ugly, but everything was catchier and sexier! Adored it, want to see it again already!

  3. Julia @ Boredom Abounds

    January 20, 2011 at 3:03 am

    Can't wait to see this film. That eyeshadow pallete looks lovely!

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