Rolling out the welcome wagon

I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and overexcited to introduce you to two new contributors to Stuff That I Bought. Between here and The Nail File life can get pretty busy, and since I have some very talented friends I figure I may as well put them to good use *cracks whip*

Meet Shayna and Paul – they will both pop up here from time to time. No set schedule, no agenda, no formula. BUT they are both talented writers and funny people, and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do (although not more than you love me – my ego couldn’t handle that kind of rejection). Paul will be looking after all the requests I get for men’s stuff and Shayna will be entertaining us with her own special brand of ohmygodilovebeautyproducts.

Hi Paul!

Paul is a Sydney-based writer, dilettante and lover of all things stylin’.  He has written travel and lifestyle pages for Belle magazine, and in a mixed career (that has involved marketing, research, magazines, uni lecturing and translating from Italian) he has written for other prestigious publications such as Men’s Style, Qantas the Australian Way and Australian Beer and Brewer magazine.
He’s also working on his first novel – so watch this space!

Hi Shay!

Shayna is an Interior Designer currently based in Bris-Vegas who was a budding journalist a lifetime ago. Add to that a life-long beauty addiction, and the result is her Youtube Channel jammed packed with Vlogs (video blogs) that centre on All Things Beauty Related. She finds inspiration everywhere and can’t help but express her creativity in a myriad of ways – even her facebook photos are works of art!

Make them feel welcome, include them in your circle at lunchtime and make sure they have someone to sit next to in class. We’re all one big happy family here!

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  1. Shay

    January 19, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Hee, yay! Thanks for the warm welcome Elise. I feel a bit less like the dorky new kid now. ; )

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