Floods and Face Wipes and Wotnot

– with Shayna

I’ve had a rough month, readers.  Having lived in Victoria until four years ago when I began my new life in the sunshine state I’m still not used to a lot of things that go on here.  I’ve pretty much acclimatised to the stifling humidity of the Summer months, and I’m used to the amazing relaxed have-a-chat mentality of business here in Queensland, but until recently there was one thing I hadn’t been privy to since moving – The Big Wet.

I had no idea it could rain for so long, so hard and unrelenting.  I had no idea that despite the amount of water falling from the sky, I could still be sweaty and sticky the moment I stepped out of the shower.  We have had mild hot and dry Summers since I had made my big move, and I was completely unaware of the power of The Rain up here.

We were lucky in the second week of January when all of that water culminated into the worst flood the state has seen for many years.  Our house was spared (by approximately one block!) and our family and friends remained safe and dry. We were, however, evacuated.  It was a scary moment when my partner and I looked at each other and decided it was time to leave.  It was an even scarier moment when we had to pack a bag full of our valuables and things we would need for the foreseeable future.. What on Earth was I going to pack that would fit into our car!?  

I ended up bringing a bag of clothes (5 days worth), a couple of pairs of shoes, my important documents and a tiny bag of toiletries containing just the essentials.  While I was packing I reached for the unopened pack of Wotnot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes I had picked up a few weeks earlier.  There was no way I could pack my precious Rosehip Oil, so these guys had a big task to fulfill.

I know it’s petty and vain to be worrying about the state of your skin while your entire city becomes Water World, but I did.  With good reason.  My skin is sensitive and freaks out over changing locales – even spending the night on my bestie’s floor causes it to flake and break-out.  It can be a bit of a precious b*tch, frankly, and I knew the stress of the floods along with being displaced would be enough to cause it great distress.

I shouldn’t have worried. The first time I opened the pack of Wotnot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes I was impressed.  The scent was delicate and fresh, and the cloths were strong and durable while feeling silky smooth to the touch.  As I wiped one over my skin I could feel the oils doing their job.  My make-up was removed quickly and easily, with no trace of residue left behind, and more importantly – I had no dry patches, and no break-outs the entire time we were displaced.

I felt completely comfortable ditching my regular Rosehip regime as the wipes contained that exact oil and then some. Organic aloe vera gently repairs skin; organic sweet almond oil moisturises; organic jojoba oil makes eyelashes and eyelids feel plumped and luscious while Vitamin E nourishes and protects.  All in an easy facial wipe you can pop into your bag, car, or bathroom drawer.  I had stumbled on an absolute winner!

Rest assured I will keep a pack of these on hand for any planned or unplanned travel I undertake.  It’s nigh impossible to pack any kinds of oils safely, but these are as portable as they come and really helped to make my stressful week a bit easier to deal with.  At least I had one less thing to worry about!

Wotnot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes
Price: $11.95 for pack of 25
From: Health food stores, chemists and Ecodirect
Why you need them: Perfect for sensitive skin, these babies are handy for travelling, gym bags, sweaty picnis and flood crisis evacuations.

These products were offered to Stuff That I Bought for consideration

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