I swear that I had posted about this already, but obviously my memory is a bit shoddy.

You know my other site The Nail File, right? If you don’t, then you should. I’m kind of biased, but it’s pretty great. In fact, Oprah Winfrey rates it amongst her top five nail blogs of all time*.

Fun fact – The Nail File has its own facebook page AND there is a competition running to win one of ten Nicole by OPI nail polishes and a pair of sweet Pure Dejavu thongs from Kustom Footwear. The good news is anyone who lives in Australia can enter, the bad news is the competition closes at midnight on Friday. If you haven’t entered yet then I’m very disappointed in you, but it’s ok because I know you’ve been busy (I have obviously been busy too, since I forgot to post about this!)You can redeem yourself now. It’s cool. We’re all friends here.

I know some people are apprehensive about putting their deets into apps on facebook, but the Wildfire app is perfectly safe and all your personal info will be destroyed once I do the draw. For reals.

*Source not yet verified

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