An open letter to the birthday fairy

‘Sup Birthday Fairy,

It’s been a while since we have spoken. Almost a year, in fact. I hope you’re well and you sorted out that little mess with the Tooth Fairy (don’t worry, she’s a slapper and your wings do not make you look fat!)

Since the Big Day is almost upon us I wanted to try and make it easy for you this year – I know I can be a total pain to buy for. I would dearly love for you to put a Diptyque candle under my pillow tree bed this year. You know I like to burn things and a Diptyque candle would make a great addition to my bedroom. Or bathroom. Or lounge room. Heck, you can buy me three if you like! I’m particularly partial to the Gardenia scent, but would also take Jasmin, Pomander or Choisya. I’m not fussy.

While you’re in Mecca Cosmetica (they are the exclusive stockists of Diptyque in Aus, you know) make sure you grab the From Paris With Love sampler pack. Every purchase in the month of February gets one and it has three little samples from some of the beautiful French brands that Mecca stocks (like Diptyque!) I’ll even let you keep the sampler – treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it.
See you soon!

With love,

PS Diptyque candles are $99 from Mecca stores or Mecca Cosmetica online. I stole the above pic from the Mecca website so you know what you’re looking for.

PPS – Don’t eat the Koko Black salted caramel out of the From Paris With Love sampler. I want that, please.

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