The Stuff That I Bought 2010 Giftsmas Guide – episode two

Remember how I prefaced my last gift guide? Please keep that in mind again…I don’t want to go spoiling any surprises!

So let’s talk girlie presents. Mothers, sisters, cousins, friends… This is just a random mix of some of my favourite things that are on shelves this Christmas (and sitting under my bed already wrapped).

Everyone needs decent MAKEUP BRUSHES, and the superadorable Peace & Harmony mini brush set from Shu Uemura ($80) ticks all the boxes. Excellent quality brushes, cute carry case and limited edition. I know it sounds kind of obnoxious, but giving something that’s limited edition gives your gift that extra je ne sais quoi, oui? The Aya Takano for Shu Uemura range is hella cute – hit the counter if you get a chance and check out the adorable lids on the palettes. Whimsical!

If you’re on the hunt for JEWELLERY, then head over to the Holly Jones website. Her current collection, called Phoenix Queen, is I am head over heels in love with the Nile Queen necklace ($69), and would be very happy if Santa delivered on to me on December 25th. She also has a sale section, and the prices are absurdly low. I’m going through a statement piece faze right now, and the Belle necklace (pictured), which is on sale for only $29 down from $90, is not only stupidly cheap, but totally glam. If anything from the Phoenix Queen collection tickles your fancy, then enter in the code hollyjewels at the checkout for 30% off. Don’t say I never give you anything.

Since we’re talking about jewellery, I’m also partial to a bit of Lola&Bailey
The Sundial pendants are freakin’ gorgeous (all $85), and I really like the Dial D range (all $55 – Murder In The Mews pictured right) – probably because my wardrobe is mainly grey and black. If you check out the Lola&Bailey facebook page, they often have discount codes on there. I don’t want anyone paying full price for anything this Christmas!

I’m sure you’re wondering why I haven’t posted BEAUTY gifts yet. Fear not my friends, I have plenty of those. Editing it down to my favourites was an effort though…so many great gift packs out this year! One of the best makeup gift sets is Benefit Her Name Was Glowla ($69) – it contains some of Benefits best-selling products, like Coralista cheek powder,  High Beam luminescent complexion enhancer and BADgal lash mascara (amongst others) – pretty much all my favourite Benefit prods in one place. This would be perfect for someone who has just started to wear makeup. I remember my parents giving me an incredible Estee Lauder gift set one Christmas that had pretty much everything I needed to get started.

Speaking of Benefit, the Crescent Row Mini Set ($79) contains itty-bitty versions of Eva, Rita, Carmella and LeeLee, and is sure to rock someone’s world on Dec 25. Carmella is still my favourite of the lot.

If you want your nearest and dearest to smell good (and who doesn’t) then hunt down the Best of Korres gift set from Kit ($41.95). The Guava body butter is a little slice of heaven, and the Yoghurt cooling gel will be welcome relief after a day of eating and drinking. It comes in a lovely little gift box and is perfect for Mums, Mother-In-Laws and even Nans (don’t read too much into that please Mum).

For your pommy friend, I recommend the Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes travel gift box ($34.95) from Kit. This brand is HUGE in the UK – we’re talking cult status times ten – and this gift set contains little versions of their biggest products. The Girligo Scented Moisturising Mist is so yummy you have to restrain yourself from licking your own arm. Seriously.

I’ll be back soon with my Kris Kringle list!

Picture credit: Thanks to Holly Jones and Lola&Bailey for letting me steal their images.


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