The Stuff That I Bought 2010 Giftsmas Guide – episode one

I have to preface the Stuff That I Bought Giftsmas Guide – you guys know that I am always incredibly honest and transparent with disclosing what has been sent to me for review and what I have purchased myself. I pride myself on this and it’s something I take very seriously because I value my credibility. The Giftsmas Guide is a mixed bag – most of it has been purchased by me but a couple of items that have been offered to me for review are included. For once, I won’t be indicating what is what because a lot of the items I have included are real gifts that I am giving people in my life over the following weeks and I don’t want surprises to be ruined!! I hope you all understand this and can appreciate why I am doing it.

One of the MOST important things about going to someone else’s home for a Christmas celebration is manners. My amazing Godmother has always instilled in me that being a grateful guest is of the utmost importance – you should never turn up empty handed and you should always write a thank you note. I adore having her over for dinner because she always brings homemade cookies as a hostess gift (yum!) and sends really thoughtful notes afterwards that make all the effort of preparing a meal worthwhile.

If you don’t have the time or skills to bake a little hostess gift, then these are a few of my favourites that I will be rolling out over the coming weeks:

CANDLES never go out of style and are always appreciated. Pop into Kit because they always have a great range. My favourites are the Caramel Archipelago ($52.95), which is like filling your home with the amazing scent of dessert all. the. time., or the Kit limited-edition Fresh Pear, Crisp Apple and Vanilla ($44.95) which is super-fresh and just the right mix of sweet and creamy. If you have never burnt a pear candle in your home, then you’re missing out.

SOAP and LOTION are always a safe option. My almost-brother-in-law will often bring me Molton Brown gift packs from the UK, and there is nothing more enjoyable than having lux hand soap in the bathroom – I can’t go back to regular soap now! Pop into Molton Brown and grab a gift pack or try one of the Philosophy sets from Mecca. My new favourite is the Amazing Grace Hand Duo ($65) – hand wash and hand lotion in a cute wire basket, or go Christmassy with the Holiday Hostess Set ($38) – the Sugary Cinnamon hand lotion is to die for! Santa, if you’re reading, this one is on my list.

SCENT STICKS are something else for the home that make a great hostess gift (or regular gift…hello, Nan.) Someone recently gave me a set of three mini Atmos scent sticks and they are fab – one for the bedroom, one for the lounge and one for the entranceway. In the past I have bought Archipelago Botanicals diffuser and votive kits from, er, Kit ($39.95) and they currently have white fig, pink grapefruit or wasabi mint. If you were bringing me a gift, I would want Pink Grapefruit.

As for your thank you note, you can’t go past French Navy. I just bought three boxes of French Navy notecards ($35/box of 10 cards & envelopes) so I’m right for a while, and I can’t wait to send them because they are just so darn cute. I bought Thanks for…, E is for… and an assortment box of various colours and designs, so all my bases are covered. If nothing else, please promise me you’ll visit French Navy and check out their beautiful stationary!

I’ll be back with episodes two and three later in the week – keep an eye out ‘cos we’re talking girlie gifts and secret santa pressies!


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  1. Miss_sher

    December 6, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    I've always wanted to make a purchase from Kit's candle selection. I might take your suggestion re pear flavour!

    I've got some great glasshouse candles but they are very $$$, these ones look just as good!

  2. Tegan McIntosh

    December 7, 2010 at 7:57 am

    ooooh I love the look of the stationary. I will be looking that up right now! xx

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