No need to buy wrapping paper this year

You know how I always say ‘three’s a trend’? (I do, I swear) Well I’m just waiting for a third beauty brand to declare they are doing furoshiki this Christmas and then I can be all Trend Trend Trend. In the meantime, two of my favourite brands are doing furoshiki and I like it! (and let’s be honest – it’s my blog and if I didn’t like it I probably wouldn’t write about it. Duh)
Furoshiki is essentially a wrapping cloth that is knotted to carry clothes, groceries or lunches. It started in the bathhouses of Japan in the 1600’s when people knotted a piece of cloth to carry their clothes and toiletries. Those clever Japanese – always so practical.

At opposite ends of the stealth vs wealth scale, this Christmas both Lush and SK-II are offering incredible scarves artfully folded around their products as an alternative to gift wrap. Lush are using vintage scarves, and for $5.50 they are a bang-tidy alternative to paper. Pick your gift in store (their Christmas range is to die for – candy cane and gingerbread bubble bars! Mulled wine shower gel!) and one of the Lushettes will origami your scarf into a beautiful gift ready for you to give. Saves you time, paper, and you look creative!

Over at the SK-II counter, their Christmas coffrets are enveloped in divine silk scarves in the SK-II colours – deep burgundy, icy grey, silver and gold. These are very grown up gift sets chock full of cleansers, lotions and the famous treatment masks – perfect for sucking up to your Mother-In-Law.

So while one brand tips the $$$ scale and offers very grown up silk scarves, the other offers something for everyone and the vintage scarves are $. I like a trend that anyone can buy into.

If you want to attempt to tie your presents at home using furoshiki techniques, check out the Modern Furoshiki youtube channel – they make it so easy that even a klutz like me can nail it! Lush sent me a parcel tied up in a scarf and once I opened it I couldn’t figure out how to put it back together. Awkward.

Price: Coffrets start at $99 and go up to $950
From: SK-II counters in Myerand David Jones

Price: Scarves are $5.50, products range in price
From: Lush stores

PS – Remember the Lush Lip Scrub that I was kind of obsessed with? They have a body wash in the same flavour/scent for Christmas called Snow Fairy. I have never wanted to lick myself so much, and I know that sounds dirty.

Some Lush products were offered to me for review, and they came wrapped in a scarf.


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  1. StellaPreston

    December 13, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    What a cute and clever idea 🙂

  2. MMMMatilde

    December 14, 2010 at 4:31 am

    This is an awesome idea, I can't wait to wrap my presents now, I was looking for unique wrapping paper and this has hit it!! 🙂

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