Guest post: I wonder about the Wondercap

I have told you about my clever friend Kat before, right? She writes the hair blog The Mane Loves… and reviews all the newest and most exciting hair prods on the shelves. She recently wrote about the Wondercap and I liked her post so much I asked if I could nick it and re-post it here. She agreed, but only because I threatened to beat her over the head with her giant pen (you should see this giant pen…it’s seriously about 14 inches long).

The Wondercap is the solution for at home intensive treatments. I say this because every time I glad wrap my hair with an at home treatment it gets really messy. There’s treatment oozing out from under the cling wrap and it gets into my eyes, sometimes I accidentally lick it (yes, I know I’m gross, but this is what happens and I just can’t help it). The Wondercap  is a wheat pack cap of sorts – you put it in the microwave or in water on the stove and you heat it up; it’s like a hot water bottle for your hair.

So in the package I bought there was the Wondercap, Guardian Angel treatment and a disposable shower cap. I decided to apply the cap  in the shower, so instead of the 90 sec zap in the microwave, I put it in for 2 mins (this made the cap a bit hot, but that’s exactly what I needed). I then shampooed by hair twice (as usual) and applied the Guardian Angel treatment; this was pretty much like the henna treatment I tried from Priceline. Then I put my hair in a high bun with a hair tie, put on the disposable shower cap and then the now-warm Wondercap. The treatment was the left in for about 5 minutes, then I rinsed my hair and gave it a quick blow dry.

So what did I think of it? To be quite honest, I liked the concept of the heated shower cap, but I think the treatment needs to be improved. It didn’t really do anything to my hair. So I’ll probably be using the Wondercap with other treatments which love the intense heat. I can do without the treatment though.

 Price: Approx $38 for the cap
 From: Check the Wondercap website for stockists
 Why you need it: To lock in the heat and turn up the power on your heat treatments

PS – That is totally Kat in the picture. Ha! As if! Kat wouldn’t be wearing a towel.


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