You put the lime in the coconut and lather through your hair

It’s time to go troppo, people! Christmas is coming, ergo the Christmas gift sets are flying across my desk at full force (although I really wish my courier guy wouldn’t throw my parcels at me like that).

I think my heart stopped when the Philosophy Going Coconuts gift pack landed in my hot little hands. Sigh. Drool. Want. Need. Gimme Gimme Gimme. I immediately thought of a certain coconut fan I know (*cough*Ms.Critique*cough*) and knew she would be as excited as I was. There are three bottles, each with their own scent: pineapple and coconut (smells like Hawaii), lime and coconut (smells like a splice) and orange coconut (smells like orange tic tacs…and coconut).

The bottles are labelled ‘shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath’. Usually I’m not comfortable with the whole body wash and shampoo in one, but I really wanted my hair to smell like pineapple and coconut, so I went for it. Success. Just like any other shampoo. Works a treat. And my hair smelt amazing. Philosophy: I would like these same scents in body lotion please.

Price: $58
From: Mecca Cosmetica (the details I have say online exclusive, but I definitely saw them at the Myer Mecca store last week)
Why you need them: This would make an amazing Christmas gift for sister/bestie/me.

I totally recommend you head into Mecca and try all the different Philosophy products that are available for Christmas. I tried the Sugary Cinnamon Icing body lotion and spent the following SIX HOURS sniffing my hands. The Cherry Christmas set is delicious, ditto the Gingerbread and Raspberries and Cream sets. Santa, take note.

Picture credit: – this set was a gift


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