Roll it on! Sniff it up!

If three’s a trend, then the newest trend in my life is roll-on perfume (and mermaid nails, but more on that later). They came in to my life in various ways – one was purchased, one was a gift and one was in the PRIMPED goodie bag – but I love them all equally and with the same sort of passion that Miley Cyrus has for wearing short-shorts.

Rollerball perfume, or perfume oil as it is more formally known, is kickass for a couple of reasons. It’s perfect for handbags/gym bags/overnight bags/hessian bags because it’s small, lightweight and tucks away nicely. Want to smell good on your holiday but don’t want to pack your favourite bottle and risk it leaking? No drama. Stinky after your lunch time work out? Here’s your answer! (although I would also recommend a shower, for hygiene’s sake).

Another great thing about perfume oil is that it is usually more concentrated than regular eau de parfum or eau de toilette. You only need a couple of dabs on the heat points for a beautiful, strong and lasting fragrance.

A couple of other bonus reasons: it is much more affordable than a great honking bottle of your juice of preference AND if you’re anything like me and don’t ever finish a bottle then it’s a good way to keep things rotating without feeling guilty for abandoning one when something better comes along.

My current tipples of choice?

MOR Cassis Noir
Price: $19.95/5mL
From: David Jones and Myer

Philosophy Falling In Love
Price: US$18/7.98mL
From: Sephora – USA

Kai  (I’m in good company here, with Oprah, Jess Hart, Charlize and Reese all loving this one!)
Price: $95 $95/3.6mL
From: Mecca Maxima


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