Get energized with Clarins!

The thing with Clarins is (and please don’t think I’m being a bully) it’s kind of an older brand. More mature, maybe. Don’t you agree? I always associate it with my Mum, and that’s totally cool. The baby boomers are the segment of the market with the biggest buying power and frankly I think more brands should be targeting them. Tell you what though, Clarins new Daily Energizer range has blown that old perception I had out of the water – these products are fresh!

Have you ever used the Clean&Clear Morning Burst cleanser? The Fiance loves it – little bursting beads in fresh orange gel. This is just a more grown up version of that – slick gel cleanser that washes away the day, removes make-up (obvs not an issue for the Fiance) and refreshes skin with saponaria and moringa extracts (translation: turns into foam and neutralises yucky pollution to keep skin clean and looking fresh).

Gel cleanser is generally best for oily or combination skin because the foaming action breaks down all the dirt and gunk on your skin. I have sensitive skin and usually prefer cream cleanser but I find this quite mild and it doesn’t irritate at all. I have also been using it on my arms, chest and neck to keep that skin clear too (TMI?) and my skin has gradually been improving since I started using it. Pretty impressive. My skin feels energised, even on my crappiest days. Perhaps Clarins should do energy drinks.

Price: $22/75mL (in my opinion, this is excellent value!)
From: Clarins counters
Why you need it: To keep your skin clean, healthy and feeling good
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This product was offered to me for consideration in conjunction with the launch of Share The Happy


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